Redmi Note 5 Pro Review

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Redmi Note 5 Pro

Hi guys this is Bunny this article will be doing full review of  Redmi Note 5 Pro and for the first 8 days i used it with my primary sim. I have made points and tell you what i like about this device but before that here are the specification of Redmi Note 5 Pro.

As you can see it is powered by the new Snapdragon 636 chip set and it comes with 4 and 5 Gigabytes of RAM and it comes with the new screen aspect ration that is 18:9 and others specs are given below for your reference;

Redmi Note 5 Pro Specifications

Snapdragon 636 SOC (Octa Core Processor)

4/6 GB RAM / Adreno 509 GPU

5.99″ 18:9 Full HD+LCD Screen

64 GB Internal Storage

Dual Sim Nano (Hybrid MicroSD-Card Support)

Rear Dual Camera 12 + 5 Mega Pixel

Front Camera 20 Mega Pixel (Sony IMX376 Sensor)

4000 mAh Battery

Fingerprint Scanner

So lets now quickly divide this review between pros and cons what i like about this device and what are the things that i did not like about this device.

Build Quality

First let’s talk with the pros and first lets talk about the build quality and if you seen this device the build quality is actually good it look like a modern android hand set with the new screen aspect ratio 18:9 and because of that there are able to put almost 6 inch screen on this one and the also it feels okay and comfortable in the hand. In terms of build quality i have no issues.


Lets talk about its styling there i would say styling is always a personal preference in my frank opinion and from the front it looks like a any modern smartphone but if you move towards the back again it resembles the iPhone 10 due to that camera dual camera setup i feel that Redmi could have done a better job. Now if we talk about the in hand feel in that respect i would say Redmi Note 5 Pro did a good job the weight balance of the phone is good it’s not top heavy or bottom heavy so its easy to hold in a single hand though it’s slightly on heavier side because it has that 4000 mAh battery but you get use to it after a couple of days.


Now moving to the sensors this is one thing that i like in this devices that do not skimp on sensors so it has almost every sensors that you will need included Gyroscope and others sensors but one thing that Redmi Note 5 Pro did skimp on this is does have physical led notification light its a tiny one here at the top but it only works in white color. Previous Redmi devices had this physical led notification light but it was multi colors but on Redmi Note 5 Pro it’s single color white one.


Redmi Note 5 Pro

Now moving to the speakers like even the regular Redmi Note 5 this has just a single speaker here at the bottom but again it is adequately loud so you don’t have to worry but i would have love to say at least because this is a pro version with dual speaker setup but that’s not the case but in terms of loudness this speaker is adequately loud and the ring tone volume is loud so no issues regarding that.

Cellular Call Quality

Moving to the cellular call quality i have excellent network reception with this one even in the sound proof room i did not get signals properly but with Redmi Note 5 Pro i was able to take calls easily and i did not have any disconnect so in terms of cellular reception quality the cellular reception quality is very good on this Redmi Note 5 Pro.

RAM Management

Moving to ram management in comes in two variant 4 Gigabytes or RAM and 6 Gigabytes of RAM. The one i used has 4 GB of RAM and with this 4 GB of RAM i never had problem of RAM management on this device and in general usage i never had a problem of RAM management so even with 4 GB variant is more then enough i finally feel that Redmi charging quite a bit of premium for this 6 GB RAM variant. So in term of RAM management no issues.


This one has the new Snapdragon 636 SOC which is actually the first smartphone this one that is using that processor and it comes with the new GPU that is the Andreno 509 and i was little bit skeptical and i have to say the performance of this one is very good i had never face any issue of any lag so ever i even played heavy games and it played fine so in terms of general responsiveness and the processor, processor was handling it fine but one thing that i noticed is that when i was heavily using this phone on my mobile data continuously browsing, GPS navigation back comes little bit warm that is something i have noticed but its not like getting excessively hot but you feel that it tends to get a little bit warm because of this aluminium back but in terms of performance as i told you i had not issues with this phone.