Moto X4 Smartphone Review

Moto X4 Smartphone Review 6 GB RAM Variant

Moto X4

Hi guys this is Jahanzaib today i have the Model Moto X4 with me and this is the new 6 GB RAM variant i just got this earlier. This was just launched a couple of days ago so lets have a look i won’t do it for digital in boxing because again i should be almost identical to this one but lets see what is the difference that we get so lets quickly open this up. Moto X4 comes with the dual camera setup one is a regular one and the second one actually is a wide angel lens so it is also IP 68 water resistance and that’s the nice thing so you can depth in water and it will still work. It comes with Snapdragon 630 SOS, again in terms of specs its the same as the regular x4. I don’t think so that the x series will also change as same stuff that we going to get and it comes with moto turbo fast charger so that the same thing that we are getting and i don’t recall. if old one had a handset but this one also having handset again that inlet style handset that you are getting but quality looks pretty average to me and the data cable is the type C cable. More specs are given for your reference;

Moto X4

MOTO X4 Specification

Snapdragon 630 ( Octa Core Processor )

3/4/6 GB RAM 5.2″ IPS LCD 1080p screen

32 / 64 GB internal Storage

Dual Sim ( HybridMicroSD-Card Support )

Rear Camera 12MP (f2.0) + 8MP Wide

Front Camera 16 MP (f2.0)

3000 mAh Battery

Finger Print Scanner / IP 68 Rated

Moto X4

So guys i just finished setting up this device again. As i have told earlier it’s the same thing as the regular x4 only big difference is in RAM. And if you check the OS this variant comes with the Android Oreo version 8.0 out of the box but the regular Moto X4 as you know still running in the android version 7.1.1 but the regular one 4 GB variant will be getting and all ready the Android Oreo is being rolled out so not a big difference. Biggest difference is in terms of memory this has 6 GB of RAM and regular have 4 GB of RAM.

I think so they improve Camera responsiveness it is not taking that much time to save this depth photographs, earlier it was taking quite a lot more time so that has been improved. And apart from that it’s regular Moto X4 but now you have the choice of 3GB, 4GB, and 6GB of RAM.