How to Impress a Girl

How to Impress a Girl 5 Tips

How to Impress a Girl

There are many ways to impress girls because there is no rule of thumb and it also varies person to person but today i will tell you 5 tips of how to Impress a Girl.

Focus on a single one

  • Don’t look at every girl moving around.

Look good when you are around her

  • Don’t be shy.
  • Don’t be overconfident.
  • Never act as over smart.

Use your eyes to communicate with her body

  • Always look at her face.
  • Never ever stare at her.
  • Don’t look at private places.

Act naturally and be confident

  • Play things you love to play when she is around.

Do not fight and do not smoke to impress her

  • This will spoil your personality.