Dubai Visit Visa Requirements and how to apply for dubai visit visa

Dubai Visit Visa

Dubai Visit Visa

If you are planning to move to Dubai then it’s confirm that you have so many questions in mind regarding Dubai visit visa. Today I will give you information about Dubai visit visa and answer some of common questions related to visit visa. I think first we should start question answers session.

Questions 1: Types of Visit Visa?

There are 2 types of Dubai visit visa’s single entry visa and multiple entry visa.
Single Entry Visa: In this visa you can enter in Dubai only one time. Once you exit you again have to apply for the visa. You have 3 options in this visa category prices are also mentioned;

14 days visa price starts from 200-350 Dirham (varies time to time and agency to agency)
1 month visa starts from 400-600 Dirham (varies time to time and agency to agency)
3 months visa starts from 1200-2000 Dirham (varies time to time and agency to agency)
If you are going to Dubai for job hunt then i would recommend you 3 months visa.

Multiple Entry Visa: Suppose you have 1 month visit visa and you return back to your home country after 10 days and after 10 days you want to go back to Dubai so in this visa you can enter in Dubai
multiple times during 1 month visa.

Dubai Multiple Entry visa prices are given below;
1 month visa starts from 900 Dirham.
3 months visa starts from 2500 Dirham.

Question 2: Is there any security fee that you have to pay for Dubai visit visa?

Due illegal stay and fraud you have to pay 1000 Dirham security fee because many people does not leave Dubai after their visa expire so to tackle this visa security fee was charged but now this is not valid even not for India, Philippines and Pakistan.

Question 3: From where you can get Dubai visit visa?

You can get visa from travel agencies or from those agencies from where you book airlines tickets.

Question 4: What documents you need to apply for Dubai visit visa?

Passport and passport size pictures and the most important visa fee.

Question 5: How much time required for visit visa?

In maximum 7 days you can get Dubai visit visa.

Question 6: Can I work on visit visa in Dubai?

Yes, you can do any part-time job and fulfill your needs during the visit.

Question 7: Can someone give you Dubai job visa without taking your interview?

Yes, if that person is resourceful or if he holds a big position in his company. If you know that person deeply then go for this option. There are so many frauds available so be careful.